What to Wear on a First Date

According to dating experts, the outfit you choose to wear on your first date actually matters more than you think. This can totally dictate, make, or break your whole date. So, if you want to put out your best self and keep a guy for more than a night, you might have to do some closet cleaning.

1. Choose soft, girly looks.

The last thing you want to do is to intimidate your date on your first meeting. To avoid looking unapproachable and closed off, go for dresses with softer fabrics and silhouettes. These dainty dresses have a flirty vibe, easily upping your appeal.

L–R: Tbags Los Angeles Knee-Length Dress with Knot Detail in Hot Pink, $180; Yumi Kim Happy Hour Dress in Garden Party, $198; Splendid Flow Dress in Blaze, $138

2. Go for minimal makeup.

While you might get a hankering to start contouring your face, this is not really a good idea on a first date. According to studies, men are more attracted to women who do not put on a gunk of makeup on their faces. Try to avoid piling on thick makeup, and go for a natural look instead.

3. When in doubt, wear black.

The little black dress or LBD is still a popular choice for first dates. It is a classic and timeless outfit that will look good on anyone regardless of age or figure. So, when in doubt, choose black.


L–R: Bec & Bridge Vital Dress in Black, $160; 5th & Mercer Crossover Dress in Black, $59.40 (before: $138.60); Yumi Kim Afternoon Tea Dress in Black, $168

4. Avoid trends.

Trendy clothes can be very risky to wear. While your girlfriends might appreciate that shapeless, mod-inspired shift dress, your date will most likely not care so much. Stick to classic dress silhouettes, and leave those trendy frocks for a more fashionable affair.

5. Go for mature sexy.

Bright red dresses have a very vampy look, which can be inappropriate for first dates. If you want to do a sexy look, without looking tacky, go for deeper red hues like Marsala. This rich and deep color will make you look more mature and classy with a mysteriously sexy vibe.

L–R: Theory Modern Osteen Dress in Cassis, $365; Elizabeth and James Naveen Dress in Black Cherry, $365

6. No to short hemlines.

If you want to project a sophisticated vibe to your date, avoid wearing skimpy dresses with super short hemlines. Stick to knee-length skirts or hemlines that are just a couple of inches above the knee. Wearing revealing dresses can imply sexual assertiveness, which is too early for a first date. Reserve your sexy mini dresses for the third or fourth date.

7. Wear comfortable shoes.

You would not want a great night to be ruined by bruised and blistered feet brought by ill-fitting shoes. Make sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes, especially if there will be some walking or other physical activities involved.


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