Would You Wear a Men’s Shirt as a Dress?

Would you wear a men’s shirt as a dress?

And we don’t mean in the Carrie Bradshaw “throw a belt over it and call it a day” way, we mean in Irina Zvidrina’s way whose video of her transforming a men’s shirt into various styles has gone viral on the internet.

This will soon hit a million views. And it all started when “some guy” left this diagonally striped shirt at her place:

Irina also transforms the shirt into skirts and tops but she started with these interestingly styled dresses in the video:

So, do you think you could rock these literal shirt dresses?

If you’d totally do this, we suggest getting an extra, extra, extra large men’s shirt. And wear something underneath or at least find a way to seal the button placket, because those gapes between the buttons are going to show everything!

Credit: Ira Zvidrina / Kati Turkina

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