Who Looks Best in a Striped Shift Dress: Lady Gaga or Ciara?

It’s hard to compare Lady Gaga with anyone else. She goes out in costumes and never fails to give a dramatic entrance with her avant garde outfits. But on rare occasions, she actually tones down the flair a little bit so she can be pitted against other singers who don wearable clothes.

A couple of days ago, the 29-year-old ‘Bad Romance’ singer wore a striped shift dress. A day later, Ciara went out in a similar striped shift dress.

Tell us, who do you think wore it better?

1. Lady Gaga in Yellow and White Striped Shift Dress by Jacquemus

Lady Gaga wearing a striped shift dressLady Gaga wearing a striped shift dress in New York City on May 4, 2015

Lady Gaga wearing sushi-adorned platform shoesLady Gaga wearing sushi-adorned platform shoes

Lady Gaga styled her dress with sushi-embellished heelsLady Gaga styled her dress with sushi-embellished heels

She styled the dress with sushi-adorned platform shoes and strange sunglasses.

2. Ciara in Long Coat Over a Matching Striped Shift Dress

Ciara wearing a striped shift dressCiara wearing a striped shift dress for an appearance on NBC’s ‘Today’ show in New York on May 5, 2015

She kept the neutral tone consistent by wearing a pair of nude-tone sandals with the dress.

While the two singers both wore a striped shift dress, the vibe is completely different for each lady. Lady Gaga had a quirkier panache to her look while Ciara looked classy and timeless. Which vibe do you prefer?

Stripe shift dresses are all the rage these days. Try these finds:

1. Jacquemus Striped A-line Dress, $488.38 at Farfetch

Jacquemus Striped A line Dress

2. Jacquemus Striped A-line Dress in Blue, $493.62 at Farfetch

Jacquemus Striped A line Dress in Blue

3. MSGM Block Stripe Dress, $466.96 at Farfetch

MSGM Block Stripe Dress

4. MSGM Striped Shift Dress, $534.75 at Farfetch

MSGM Striped Shift Dress

Credit: Photosocket / WENN / PNP

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