The End of Kim Kardashian’s Marriage & Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

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So it’s all over the news: Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of being married.

We’d like to say that we’re one with the people who held a heart-wrenching vigil outside the Dash store in NYC to mourn the end of their marriage, but we’re going to be honest here: we really care more about Kim Kardashian’s wedding dresses, and that’s completely justified because dammit, we’re a blog about dresses!

A very short marriage feels like such a big waste of these beautiful wedding dresses but after the $18 million in profits she earned from her wedding, the celebrity star could very well afford more of these (and most likely got these for free).

Now the question is, will Vera Wang  again make the dresses for Kim Kardashian’s next wedding?

Maybe Vera Wang will, but perhaps only under certain conditions from her, such as Kim Kardashian has to wear one of the Vera Wang black wedding gowns, or endorse Vera Wang for the rest of her much publicized life.

So in the belief that it’s better late than never, here are Kim’s Vera Wang wedding dresses — all three of them — complete with sketches:

Kim Kardashian’s Vera Wang wedding dress number 1 — for walking down the aisle

Kim Kardashian’s Vera Wang wedding dress number 2 — for the first dance

Kim Kardashian’s Vera Wang wedding dress number 3 — for the reception

 So, which one of these was your favorite?

Credit: Vera Wang/People Magazine

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