Julian Chang’s Leg-Revealing Kimono Mini Dress

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Here’s another one of those fun little dresses. This one’s from Miami-based fashion designer Julian Chang:

Julian Chang Kimono Mini DressJulian Chang Kimono Mini Dress

Though Julian Chang boasts of a multi-cultural background (Peruvian, Latin, Chinese, and American), his Miami influences are clearly most evident in this design.

This loose-flowing, body-skimming, leg-revealing mini dress was obviously meant to be worn on warm, sun-drenched days and nothing but.

Julian Chang Kimono Mini Dress

It’s also easy to dismiss this dress as only a swimsuit cover-up because of that banded open back, but it does have some more modest details that’ll let you wear it to places other than the beach.

For one, those open sleeves ARE stitched closed all the way up to the armholes and if the model puts her arms down, that hem DOES go a little bit further down the leg.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of this model with her arms at her side so we don’t have any visual means of showing just how long or short the hem is.

Julian Chang Kimono Mini DressJulian Chang Kimono Mini Dress

This kimono mini dress is a fun dress to look at and I’m betting that it was also a fun dress to make! It’s basically just a rectangular pattern that’s folded in half and the center portion cut out for the head to go through.

However, that’s also the reason why I think this dress is a tad bit too overpriced at $130.00. Isn’t that a little too much for a rectangular dress?

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