How to Dress When You’re Over 30

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Typically, our 20-something years are spent experimenting with our style. From brightly dyed hair to tacky dresses and fanny packs, this era is all about having fun with trends. However, when you hit a certain age, you must start cleaning up your look. When you’ve reached the big 3-0, it’s time to dress a little more mature. This means you have to be prepared to let go of some pieces in your closet that you won’t need anymore.

This style transition can be a pretty confusing and challenging time. Let us help you with some tips below.

1. Choose solid colors.

For a cleaner and more polished look, stay away from loud prints and bright colors. A dress in a solid color, like black, white, or gray, will give you a classic look that you can easily dress up or down with accessories.

Eva Longoria appearing on “Extra” in Los Angeles on April 22, 2015

Bec & Bridge Entrained Wrap Short Sleeve Dress3Bec & Bridge Entrained Wrap Short-Sleeve Dress, $167 (before: $334)

5th & Mercer Long Sleeve Fringe Dress35th & Mercer Long-Sleeve Fringe Dress, $59.40 (before: $198)

2. Limit fast-fashion shopping.

There’s nothing wrong with budget shopping from time to time, but if your closet is filled with nothing but fast fashion pieces, you need to do some closet cleaning. One of the best things about being in your 30s is having the money to splurge on clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Make sure to reward yourself and limit buying cheap pieces.

3. Invest in quality basic pieces.

Your closet must already have the basics, which include a nice coat, perfectly fitting pants, a pencil skirt, a button-down top, etc. It’s smart to splurge on these basic pieces because you can use them over and over again regardless of the season. A great coat may be quite pricey, but this will go a long way. It can easily upgrade a casual getup into a super chic ensemble. If you are splurging on a high-quality coat, choose one in a neutral color so that it can go with anything you have in your closet.

Jessica Alba with daughter shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles on February 28, 2015 

4. Avoid short hemlines.

However gorgeous your legs may be, it is no longer appropriate to wear micro minis, especially if you are attending a formal event. Keep things classy with midi-length hemlines that will give you a more feminine, sophisticated look. Additionally, leave those tattered “music festival” denim shorts for the teenagers.

5. Opt for embellished over distressed.

The disheveled look may work during your off-duty and errand days, but looking laid-back all the time shouldn’t be your style staple when you are over 30. Instead of torn, ripped, and distressed fabrics, go for dresses with a little embellishment. These frocks can also be dressed down with flat sandals so they won’t look too formal.

Ramy Brook Taryn Dress3Ramy Brook “Taryn” Dress, $311 (before: $445)

Mes Demoiselles Aliona Embellished Dress3Mes Demoiselles “Aliona” Embellished Dress, $161

Shoshanna Alexia Gown3Shoshanna “Alexia” Gown in Navy, $197.50 (before: $395)

6. Show off a little bit of skin.

Dressing maturely does not mean you have to cover up everything. However, you should also veer off from wearing clothes that are too revealing. Instead, show off a little bit of skin with dresses that are subtly sexy and age-appropriate.

Rachel Zoe Off Shoulder Jersey Dress3Rachel Zoe Off-Shoulder Jersey Dress, $88.50 (before: $295)

Keepsake End of Time Dress3Keepsake “End of Time” Dress, $150

Bailey44 Mateo Dress3Bailey44 “Mateo” Dress, $132 (before: $165)

7. Wear everything with confidence.

Reaching your 30s is a big milestone that you should be proud of. You are most likely a lot wiser and more confident now more than ever. Your outfits will be instantly upgraded if you add a little more confidence to your walk, so keep your chin up regardless of what you are wearing.


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