Which Dress Is Right for Your Age? The Dresses You Should Be Wearing!

If there’s a dress you fancy, go for it. Wear it! Don’t let other people, not even us, dictate how you should dress yourself up for the day. However, we are staunch believers that dressing up right can work well in your favor. Find a dress style that is appropriate for your age, and you’d look good any day!

Find your age bracket below, and discover what dress styles would be most suitable for you.

1. 15–25 years old

Try not to pull Kendall and Kylie Jenner moments; that is, avoid decking yourself too much in figure-hugging and thigh-baring clothes. You can exude sexiness even without exposing too much skin.

Elle Sasson Holly DressElle Sasson “Holly” Dress, $685

Make the most of your youth by trying a lot of pretty fit-and-flare dresses. They are generally flattering and appropriate for different ages, even women 25 years and above. Invest in one, and you’ll get a lot of wear from it in the next couple of years!

Elle Sasson Sonny DressElle Sasson “Sonny” Dress, $1,115

A nice drop-waist dress, preferably one with a charming pleated detail at the hem, lets you show off your figure but still retains a youthful flair.

Stella McCartney Matchstick Print A line DressStella McCartney Matchstick-Print A-line Dress, $1,287.10

Conceal any love handle you might have, or simply add more volume to your frame by donning a volumized A-line dress or tent dress. You can even wear a long-sleeved collared shirt underneath for a nice vintage school-girl approach.

2. 25–35 years old

You’d still want your wardrobe to retain some girly charm, but you’d also want to incorporate more mature pieces for work purposes and whatnot.

BEC & Bridge Wisteria Reversible DressBEC & Bridge Wisteria Reversible Dress, $200

A nice body-con dress is great for play, but you can also stretch out its functionality a bit by wearing it for work. Just throw in a sleek blazer or jacket, and you are great to go!

David Szeto Maria Silva Perf Neoprene DressDavid Szeto Maria Silva Perf Neoprene Dress, $1,260

Add an old-world charm to your wardrobe by investing on a knee-length flared skirt. Tea-length dresses are also ideal. These dresses work in giving your wardrobe more femininity. Also, they are life-savers for those days when you are feeling frumpy and nothing in your closet feels right on your body.

Elle Sasson Barry DressElle Sasson Barry Dress, $595

The classic shift dress never gets old. It’s also versatile, so this will work for virtually any age. You can style it in so many different ways, too, as befits the season and your age.

3. 35 years old and above

Don’t just stick to trends. Find dresses that will flatter your body to no end, and saturate your wardrobe with them.

Diane von Furstenberg Amelia Wrap DressDiane von Furstenberg “Amelia” Wrap Dress, $485

The wrap dress never gets old! It will easily give you a lovely figure. Choose prints that are bold and vibrant to give off a youthful vibe.

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print DressDolce & Gabbana Floral-Print Dress, $2,195

You can’t go wrong with a tea dress. It slashes years off your age and gives you a lovely retro aura.

Lanvin Polka Dot Shift DressLanvin Polka-Dot Shift Dress, $1,816.68

Dresses with a pencil skirt and cinched in the waist is a nice alternative to the body-con dress. It’s also very classy and can easily be styled with pared-down accessories.

Find a good dress formula, and you’ll never have to worry about not dressing appropriately for your age.

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