How to Dress the Curvy Woman, 3 Rules to Remember

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A few weeks back, we wrote a post on the ideal dresses for women with no curves, or what stylists would call as the “H” body type. Today, we’re going to feature an array of dresses perfect for curvy women, as well as some quick rules to remember in dressing to flatter this voluptuous shape.

If you can’t picture curvy, then picture Kim Kardashian – tiny waist, ample bosom, as well as a generous amount of fanny (and hips) to go with it. Generally, the top (chest) and the bottom (hips, butt) would have the same measurements, while the waist would be significantly smaller – around 9 to 12 inches smaller (than the chest and hips).

A lot of women are actually curvy but they don’t know it. To check, all you need is a measuring tape. If indeed you are, then here are three (3) rules  to remember so you can dress to flatter your body:

1. Love Your Waist

Your significantly small waist (compared to the chest and hips) should always be your highlight; it’s an asset. With this in mind, the best dresses to wear would be those that define your waist, such as wrap dresses or dresses with belts or waistbands:

M Missoni Sleeveless Knit DressM Missoni Sleeveless Knit Dress, $695

Diane von Furstenberg New Jeanne Wrap DressDiane von Furstenberg New Jeanne Wrap Dress, $345

2. Don’t Repeat Those Bad Lines

Never repeat an unflattering line. Generally, this rule applies to the extremely curvy. Simply put, avoid adding volume to areas that are already ample or full, like your chest and hips.

If you think your hips are already too wide, then keep away from dresses and skirts that are body-conforming (i.e. pencil skirts, etc) as it will only emphasize what you don’t want people to see. Stick to clean lines and flowy cuts that flatter your bottom half. A-line, straight cuts, and flared silhouettes can work depending on the fit, but the one that will work best would be a flowy skirt cut on the bias:

MARC by Marc Jacobs Lou Lou DressMARC by Marc Jacobs Lou Lou Dress, $398

3. Blessed By Your Bosom

Since you have the bosom to flaunt (a la Kim), then flaunt it. But again, avoid adding too much volume. By flaunting, we mean use dresses with necklines that flatter your chest area – V-neckline (best for curvy women), as well as the one-shoulder and the sweetheart. Don’t go too deep on the neckline though, or you might cause a scandal. Also, try to avoid wearing high neck or turtleneck tops because doing so will only make your chest look heavier:

Dolce Vita Natalie Belted DressDolce Vita Natalie Belted Dress, $275

There you have it. Three (3) simple rules to follow that will help you dress right for that sexy body of yours. Remember that in order to look good, you must always pick outfits that will flatter your shape, not the opposite. In doing so, you will end up feeling good knowing that you look good. Enjoy!

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