What Colors to Wear for the Year of the Dragon

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An interesting question was posted on our Facebook page on Christmas day.

Reader Zuhra asks: “Can you please advise on what colors to wear for New Year’s Eve 2012 as it’s the Year of the Dragon?”

This question meant a lot of research on Chinese New Year and Chinese zodiac signs on our part, but it’s research that we’d gladly do. Not only is it very timely but it’s also something that we’ve been wanting to find out for ourselves.

So thanks for asking this question, Zuhra!


So — what colors DO you wear for New Year’s Eve in the Year of the Dragon? Surprisingly enough, one of the first colors that came up in our research is BLACK. Plenty of websites dedicated to the Chinese New Year have identified black as one of the auspicious colors of the dragon. We think this is surprising (despite 2012 being the Year of the Black Dragon) because generally, black is never worn during the Chinese New Year as it’s considered a color of mourning.

We also think that deciding whether or not it is okay to wear black on Chinese New Year’s Eve is something that’s best left to the experts. But thankfully, there are other colors that can be worn in the Year of the Dragon, and when it comes to mixing and matching these colors, we can definitely deal with that on our own just fine!

Get into a more celebratory mood and combine the following colors with black to brighten it up. OR wear them alone, as is, on your outfit — the most important thing really is that you look great and will be having fun in it!


Naturally, yellow and gold are some of the other colors associated with fire-breathing dragons. We love these as accents to black like on the black and gold trend that’s hot for the holidays:

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To be specific, 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon. So for those who love the cooler tones, this is still your year, and you can choose to wear all the greens and blues that you like:

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Red has always been THE color for celebrating the Chinese New Year, so you really can’t go wrong with it. It’s also another color typically associated with the dragon, so consider it doubly lucky:

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And as a bonus, another no-brainer outfit for New Year’s Eve in the Year of the Dragon is a dragon print dress:

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We hope this answers the question and helps those out there who are also wondering what colors to wear in the Year of the Dragon 2012!

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