How Tall Is Busy Philipps? Facts About the Actress’s Height and Shoe Size

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Busy Philipps stands slightly taller than the average American woman, with a height of 5 feet 6 and a quarter inches (168.3 cm).

She once mentioned on Twitter that she is “5′ 8”,” but she shared on her podcast that she was 5 feet 4 inches at the beginning of 3rd grade and now stands at 5 feet 6 inches.

Of German, English, and Irish descent, she is about 2.3 inches (approximately 5.84 cm) taller than the average American woman and wears a shoe size 8.5 (US).

Busy Philipps stands at a height of 5 feet 6 ¼ inches (168.3 cm), while Michelle Williams has a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162.6 cm), making Busy Philipps approximately 2 inches taller than Michelle WilliamsBusy Philipps stands at a height of 5 feet 6 ¼ inches (168.3 cm), while Michelle Williams has a height of 5 feet 4 inches (162.6 cm), making Busy Philipps approximately 2 inches taller than Michelle Williams (Credit: BauerGriffin / INSTARimages / Cover Images)

The name “Busy” is pronounced as “buh-zee”. The “y” is silent. The name “Philipps” is pronounced as “fih-lip-suhs”. Dubbed “Busy” by her parents due to her constant movement as an infant, the nickname became permanent, even appearing on her credit cards.

Busy Philipps has a net worth of $12 million as of 2023. She has earned her wealth through her successful acting, producing, and writing career.

In terms of height, Renée Elise Goldsberry is the tallest at 5 feet 7 inches (170.2 cm), followed by Busy Philipps at 5 feet 6 ¼ inches (168.3 cm), Sara Bareilles at 5 feet 4 ¾ inches (164.5 cm), and Paula Pell being the shortest at 5 feet 1 inch (154.9 cm)In terms of height, Renée Elise Goldsberry is the tallest at 5 feet 7 inches (170.2 cm), followed by Busy Philipps at 5 feet 6 ¼ inches (168.3 cm), Sara Bareilles at 5 feet 4 ¾ inches (164.5 cm), and Paula Pell being the shortest at 5 feet 1 inch (154.9 cm) (Credit: Xavier Collin / ABACA / INSTARimages)

The American actress is best known for her roles on the television series Freaks and Geeks, Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town, and Busy Tonight. She has also appeared in several films, including White Chicks, He’s Just Not That Into You, and I Feel Pretty.

Busy Philipps’s Quotes That Will Make You Laugh, Think, and Stand Up for Yourself

“I know so many people who actually just watch television on their computers now and don’t even really watch their TV anymore.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m really into makeup. I love it! I think it’s so trendy to be like, ‘Oh, I don’t ever wear makeup,’ but it’s super fun, and I’ve always enjoyed it.” – Busy Philipps

(L-R) Carrie Preston, Julianna Margulies, and Busy Philipps, all members of the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), are seen at the SAG-AFTRA strike(L-R) Carrie Preston, Julianna Margulies, and Busy Philipps, all members of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), are seen at the SAG-AFTRA strike in Greenwich Village on August 9, 2023, in New York City

“I’m a sucker for a sale. I don’t understand why anyone wants to pay full price for anything because everything goes on sale. I love sale websites. In fact – this is almost kind of embarrassing – I’m coming from an Isabel Marant sample sale.” – Busy Philipps

“This isn’t just ‘Scrubs’ with new actors. ‘Cougar Town’ has a heart to it that’s all its own.” – Busy Philipps

“After ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ I dealt with several producers who wanted to cover up all my beauty marks, every single mole on my body. They tried to cover them on my first two episodes of ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ and it just looked ridiculous, so I had to put my foot down. But it’s not something I’m insecure about.” – Busy Philipps

“The rugs that I picked out and the pillows with the little owls, sort of like whimsical throw pillows – I feel like you can never have enough whimsical throw pillows in your house, in your life. My husband probably disagrees.” – Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps looked lovely in a red dress paired with ankle-strap sandals at the "Just For Us" Broadway Opening NightBusy Philipps looked lovely in a red dress paired with ankle-strap sandals at the “Just For Us” Broadway Opening Night at Hudson Theatre on June 26, 2023, in New York City (Credit: Udo Salters / Startraksphoto)

“I find it strange that people get obsessed about how fast actresses and celebrities are taking off their baby weight. I guess people like to look to them and feel better about themselves or feel worse about themselves.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m kind of lucky that we’ve finished shooting ‘Cougar Town,’ so I’m able to kind of just enjoy my pregnancy and be a stay-at-home mom and go to prenatal Pilates and do all that fun stuff that, if I were working, would be almost impossible to do.” – Busy Philipps

“Birdie is amazing and such an incredible child and I’m having such a great time being a mom, but I still want to have a career and I still look forward to auditions and parts, and when I don’t get them I’m disappointed.” – Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps was named "Busy" by her parents because she was always moving around as an infantBusy Philipps was named “Busy” by her parents because she was always moving around as an infant (Credit: Udo Salters / Startraksphoto)

“I only became a celebrity because I had a kid. Before I was pregnant nobody cared. I joke to my agent that having a baby made my career.” – Busy Philipps

“The good thing about being pregnant is that I don’t have to worry about sucking it in or dieting!” – Busy Philipps

“I’m so happy for anyone who chooses to get married! I want more people to join the club.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m in the middle of my own ‘Project Runway’ challenge given to me by my daughter’s preschool. All the parents have to make an outfit for their kids, for school pictures, made entirely out of recycled objects. I can not believe I have homework.” – Busy Philipps

Birdie Silverstein, the eldest child of actress Busy Philipps and screenwriter Marc Silverstein, posing with her mom at Freeform's "Single Drunk Female" Season 2 PremiereBirdie Silverstein, the eldest child of actress Busy Philipps and screenwriter Marc Silverstein, posing with her mom at Freeform’s “Single Drunk Female” Season 2 Premiere at Midnight Theatre on April 11, 2023, in New York City (Credit: Darla Khazei / INSTARimages)

“I have the emergency kit in my purse that has double-sided tape and Tylenol, and a small energy bar. I’m the one that has an extra lip gloss just in case.” – Busy Philipps

“I have to make a dress out of recycled materials for my kid’s preschool ‘Project Runway’-like assignment. I’m currently fusing plastic bags.” – Busy Philipps

“If I see myself on a worst-dressed list – and I’ve been on many of them – I tend to have low self-esteem for 24 hours. I just like to feel comfortable, and I like being excited about whatever it is I’m wearing. I hate subjecting myself to that kind of criticism!” – Busy Philipps

“I’m somebody who doesn’t work with a stylist. I’ll be honest with you, I’m a mom and it’s just not something I want to put money toward because it’s expensive to have somebody who helps dress you and I feel like I have to pay for preschool and so many things… so I don’t have a stylist.” – Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein got married in 2007, had two children named Birdie and Cricket, and revealed their separation in May 2021Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein got married in 2007, had two children named Birdie and Cricket, and revealed their separation in May 2021 (Credit: Sara De Boer / Startraksphoto)

“I think it’s important for kids to express themselves with bad fashion. I struggle a little bit now because I have a daughter and I feel with fashion, like they’re sexualizing the kids so young. Little kids in high heels and that kind of thing is really difficult for me to wrap my head around.” – Busy Philipps

“I don’t ever feel like I have to stop myself from complaining about how hard it is to be an actress. I mean, it’s not that hard.” – Busy Philipps

“When you go into vacationing with kids, what people don’t get is that there is a portion of it that’s going to be unpleasant because you’re traveling with children. When people have these expectations that it’s going to be perfect or amazing, that has never been my experience.” – Busy Philipps

“If I snack, it’s generally hummus on Rice-Thins or Nut-Thins crackers and some guacamole. If I need something sweet, I have dark chocolate chips stashed in my freezer, and I’ll eat a few to satisfy my sweet tooth – but only if there aren’t any cinnamon gummy bears around. I’m a sucker for those!” – Busy Philipps

“I like starting off the new year fresh. I’m excited to see how 2013 turns out. Maybe because I’m an actress and I am always on a diet and fitness program, but my New Year’s resolution is to let myself be nice to myself about my body.” – Busy Philipps

“And then I went to ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ which is a show that was, for better or for worse, all about the language. It was a word-perfect show, which I’d never had any experience with. And it was really shocking for me. I felt really hemmed in. At the time, it wasn’t my favorite working experience.” – Busy Philipps

“Ever since I was a teenager, I always had a very strong sense of my own personal style. Kind of for better or for worse – actually I don’t think it’s ever been for worse. The way that I dress has always been a pretty accurate reflection of my personality and my life.” – Busy Philipps

“I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you enjoy something, there’s nothing guilty about it.” – Busy Philipps

“Your first pregnancy you have nothing to do except sleep and take care of yourself and go to prenatal yoga or whatever. Now I have a full-time job, I have a four-year-old, I’ve got a life that is demanding my attention, so I’ve gone to prenatal yoga once. It’s such a bummer.” – Busy Philipps

“It’s interesting when people make comments about celebrities’ weight gain or lack of weight gain as if they’re a medical professional that’s treating that celebrity. Like, ‘This doctor does not treat Jessica Simpson, but thinks her weight is unhealthy.’ If you don’t treat her, then how do you know?” – Busy Philipps

“I was in New York and I went to a meatball shop with my friend and there was paparazzi there and I thought, ‘How did you know that someone was gonna come to this meatball shop?’ But I was pregnant and I wanted a meatball sub and let me tell you, it was delicious.” – Busy Philipps

“It’s ludicrous that my friends in California aren’t able to legally get married. It’s a civil rights issue. In 20 years we’re going to look back at tapes of these antigay people saying ridiculous things on the news and it’s going to sound as antiquated as the newsreels of horrible racists from the ’50s.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m actually incapable of lying. I’m like a parody of a person who can’t lie.” – Busy Philipps

“I had a baby with no pain medicine, mainly because most people I talked to didn’t think I’d be able to do it. So there!” – Busy Philipps

“I love little Peter Pan collars and little puff sleeves.” – Busy Philipps

“Also, this is what a pregnant Busy Philipps does in her free time, I’m taking a master fondant cake decorating class with Anna from ‘Ace of Cakes’ at Duff’s Charm City Cakes. It’s, like, 4 three-hour classes.” – Busy Philipps

“‘Freaks and Geeks’ was a show where our individuality was really celebrated.” – Busy Philipps

“We didn’t name Birdie before she was born. When she came out I said, ‘I think we gotta go with Birdie, I think that’s her name.'” – Busy Philipps

“From time to time I think I made some errors in judgment, but I have some really fashionable friends and I feel I’ve cultivated my own sense of style and what I feel comfortable with over the years.” – Busy Philipps

“We’re not co-sleeping. I’m all for what people want to do in their home, but I need my bed. I’m a terrible sleeper… I toss and turn and flip, and it would just be a disaster if there were a baby there. And I think it’s important for a kid to have their own space.” – Busy Philipps

“I have great ideas, but the follow-through is always really difficult for me. As my kid gets a little bit older, if I feel like I have a little bit more time on my hands, I’d like to get more into developing ideas and writing things.” – Busy Philipps

“My great-grandmother, who was known as Nana, passed away before I was born, but she and my mother were very, very close. For as long as I can remember, we made Nana’s waffles in my house. It was a weekend tradition.” – Busy Philipps

“I always pack a travel snack bag. You don’t want to get stuck without snacks no matter where you go!” – Busy Philipps

“My mother accidentally gave me food poisoning. She fed me baby carrots for a snack before Christmas dinner – but they had expired in June! I threw up for the next 24 hours.” – Busy Philipps

“When I was a teenager, I used to watch ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ – which is totally aging myself – and I’d try to recreate the makeup that they did on Jennie Garth at home.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m a jewelry girl. I became friends with designer Irene Neuwirth a few years ago. At that point, I just used to wear my wedding rings. Very low key. Now, if I could, I’d be draped from head to toe in her jewelry all the time. Everything she makes is beautiful.” – Busy Philipps

“I have the same pet peeve as Anderson Cooper, which is bare feet in public. I hate it. It so grosses me out, especially in New York. Oh my God, New York in the summer with people and their feet in their sandals and their flip-flops, like get it away!” – Busy Philipps

“I never underestimate the power of hot rollers for your hair and eyelash curlers for your eyelashes.” – Busy Philipps

“Nobody wants to see a bejeweled pregnant lady from top to bottom.” – Busy Philipps

“I feel like it’s the last frontier: the weight thing with women. I think that so many women, like, even myself, I’m so mean to myself about my body sometimes, or I can be judgmental of other people for their bodies. I don’t know how to get over it.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m big into my Twitter account.” – Busy Philipps

“Any character, for me, always comes together in the hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Shoes especially. For some reason, shoes really do it for me because they help me figure out how the character walks.” – Busy Philipps

“I like some pants; I just don’t like jeans very much. Dresses are so much easier because I don’t have to think very hard.” – Busy Philipps

“It’s hard to find a way to be good to your husband, be good to your kid, and be good to yourself.” – Busy Philipps

“As a television actor, when we work in TV, what we’re doing is making a product so that networks can sell ad space.” – Busy Philipps

“Six years of your life is a long time to do anything, and especially in this business, where you get so used to being nomadic and moving on to different jobs.” – Busy Philipps

“It can feel isolating to be a mom. I’ve been one and felt isolated.” – Busy Philipps

“I had really specific ideas of what kind of mom I was going to be and what kind of things I was going to provide for my child – even down to the organic, wooden toys Birdie was going to be allowed to chew on. Then cut to my daughter being obsessed with every plastic, 99-cent store toy.” – Busy Philipps

“I have my own grown-up versions of temper tantrums, too. I have a hard time not getting hurt when my kids have meltdowns.” – Busy Philipps

“I have had moments where I’ve felt like, ‘I’m going to feel a little guilty if I don’t put the baby down for her nap today, but I really need to go to that spin class. And that’s good for my health and my mental well-being, so I think the nanny can put her down for her nap, and I’m going to be OK with that.'” – Busy Philipps

“I love Banana Boat’s brand. They don’t test on animals; they’re natural. Their kids’ products are amazing.” – Busy Philipps

“I love proving that I can do something.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m flattered that people want to hear me talk about nothing.” – Busy Philipps

“Everybody asks me questions about the inside of James Franco’s mouth.” – Busy Philipps

“I just like working with people that I respect and think are really funny.” – Busy Philipps

“I’ve always liked being funny and making people laugh. I was a cut-up when I was a kid and was always doing bits for my friends and family. I remember doing pratfalls on the playground in fourth grade for my friend and really hurting my hip.” – Busy Philipps

“In your early 20s, it was maybe acceptable to have a friend who was taking all of your time and energy and exhausting you and always a drama. When you’re in your 30s, or you’re starting to have babies, you just can’t put up with it anymore, and that’s okay, because I think your priorities shift.” – Busy Philipps

“I went to public high school in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I certainly wore a lot of makeup in high school. I experimented with a cat eye for a semester, and then, you know, a strong red lip because Courtney Love in Hole was all the rage.” – Busy Philipps

“I really try to do and eat the same thing every day when I’m home and in my routine.” – Busy Philipps

“I was asked to lose weight by a network for a TV pilot. The conversation happens because you get a job, and your agent or manager calls, and they say, ‘They are so excited about you. They just think there is no one better for this part, and they want you to look and feel your best. They really feel that that could include losing 15 or 20 pounds.'” – Busy Philipps

“I’ve been on hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of auditions in my life, so it’s not unusual that I went in for ‘Glee.’ What was unusual is that it was a week, exactly, after I had given birth.” – Busy Philipps

“A dress is so great because you can grab a dress, then you either wear it with tights or no tights, depending on what the weather is outside. You can throw a little jacket over it; you can take the jacket off. It’s very easy.” – Busy Philipps

“I certainly know women who had children, quit their jobs, and still have full-time nannies. That’s who these women are: Even to the detriment of their own relationship with their kids, they want to appear perfect Martha Stewart moms.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m an actor who works, and a lot of this is luck for me, that I get to be a part of really great shows that have these cult followings.” – Busy Philipps

“I talk a lot. I’m very decisive.” – Busy Philipps

“Very quickly, kids take your plan and say, ‘Ha!’ so you have to learn to be adaptable, or you will be literally miserable.” – Busy Philipps

“I called my mom sobbing when Birdie was a few months old and said, ‘I’m sorry. All this time, I had no idea how much you loved me.'” – Busy Philipps

“It’s not all Instagram worthy!” – Busy Philipps

“I make sure that I’m not focused on other things when I’m spending time with my children.” – Busy Philipps

“I wanted a half-hour, single-camera comedy with a great lead where I could be No. 2 or 3 on the call sheet, and it was going to get on the air. Those were my criteria, and they sent me ‘Cougar Town.’ I read it and loved it.” – Busy Philipps

“The idea that we all have to be Pinterest-perfect, killing it on all fronts, drinking our probiotics, remembering to have Rishi, and putting all these things in our kids’ lunches – there’s a lot of pressure to do all of the things. And we can’t do all of the things. I can do a few things, and I’ve got them nailed. I think that’s more realistic.” – Busy Philipps

“It’s nice to have the support of the LGBT community, because they’re loyal, and they’ll follow you down any career path.” – Busy Philipps

“As an actor, it’s always fun when you’re able to feel like there’s freedom to explore things and try out jokes and be funny.” – Busy Philipps

“You just have to focus on what’s really important in life, and that’s your friends and your family and the life that you build.” – Busy Philipps

“I try to be aware of my kids’ autonomy in terms of my Instagram, but I do post them a lot. I would never want to post something that would embarrass them or that later they’d feel some sort of shame for.” – Busy Philipps

“As parents, you want to try to mitigate your children’s pain.” – Busy Philipps

“I’ve been going to the same dermatologist since I was on ‘Freaks and Geeks.'” – Busy Philipps

“I identify as a feminist. I have so many feminist beliefs – and then I’m so mean to myself about my body sometimes.” – Busy Philipps

“At the time – but we’ve since made amends – James Franco and I really didn’t get along. When we were on ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ we were 19, and we really, really disliked each other. He shoved me to the ground once; it was really brutal. We’re friends now, and we really like each other now as adults – but as kids, we did not get along.” – Busy Philipps

“As you fall in love with friends, you want to spend more and more time with each other.” – Busy Philipps

“I don’t wear a lot of jeans, which I know is a controversial statement. I just don’t feel the most like myself in jeans.” – Busy Philipps

“It’s sad to me we can’t be in a place where we can acknowledge we’re all doing our best and respect the decisions other women make and even offer to help out.” – Busy Philipps

“Anybody who works with me knows this: I always repeat wardrobe in my characters. We’re trying to play real people.” – Busy Philipps

“There’s no one right way to be a person, we’re all just doing our best. So the same thing should apply to parenting and raising your children and the things you go through.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m a big believer in letting kids have as much responsibility as you can give them in terms of helping around the house and getting themselves dressed.” – Busy Philipps

“It is important to give your kids that individualized attention while also making time for your marriage and for yourself.” – Busy Philipps

“If you’re not in a place where you’re grateful that your show keeps getting renewed, and you can’t figure out a way to keep it fresh, you should pick another career.” – Busy Philipps

“Honestly, I don’t have time for a lot of TV. And it’s unfortunate, because I love TV.” – Busy Philipps

“I remember dealing with bullies in high school and being put down because I was different.” – Busy Philipps

“I love that we’ve chipped away at the celluloid closet and have wonderful programs that feature gay and lesbian characters in really rich, fully developed ways.” – Busy Philipps

“My husband has no desire to work with me; don’t get it twisted. He gets paid a lot of money to write giant movies. He’s not into humoring me with my projects. But, that being said, I did have the story credit on ‘Blades of Glory,’ and writing is something that I’ve always been interested in pursuing more.” – Busy Philipps

“For the most part, these awards shows, while they are fun, they’re high-pressure for the people who are nominated and for those walking the red carpet.” – Busy Philipps

“In public, when my kids have not been behaving great – because that’s life, my kids are not perfect, okay – I’ve noticed other people watching me. And I felt judged, because I’m obviously in the public eye. So that’s been hard.” – Busy Philipps

“I think people find a lot to relate to in my social media, being a mom, and trying to live my best life, and I’m a fan of Oprah and other things people are fans of, and my heart breaks when there are tragedies, like everyone else, and I want to help.” – Busy Philipps

“I love Mexican food.” – Busy Philipps

“I’m so highly competitive: I just want to win.” – Busy Philipps

“I do think moms should be given a break, all across the board. And I think that the most important thing is that you’re healthy. After I had my little girl, I wanted to be healthy for her and have a healthy body image so that she hopefully grows up to see that her self-worth isn’t defined by how thin she is.” – Busy Philipps

“I never doubted that I would work, and every time I went to an audition, I went into the room with the knowledge that I was going to get the part. Ninety-nine times out of 100, I didn’t.” – Busy Philipps

“I would never be on a reality show.” – Busy Philipps

“I was always a very quirky kid. I remember very early like fourth or fifth grade doing pratfalls to make my friends laugh, like falling on the ground on the playground and doing like bits and characters.” – Busy Philipps

“Yes, I’m having a baby. I think it’s so hard as a woman to give yourself a break. It’s great to be healthy but you have to set a good example for your kids and know that it’s not about a number on a scale but how you feel.” – Busy Philipps

“Now that I’m a wiser, older human, when I do photo shoots, I specifically say, ‘Please do not airbrush my moles out.’ Because they will do it, to make you homogenized.” – Busy Philipps

“I love my nose! I was so nervous when I got pregnant that I was going to get that weird nose spread that you sometimes see pregnant ladies get.” – Busy Philipps

“No one cares what you ate for breakfast. Unless it’s something really spectacular, don’t tweet me your breakfast, I don’t care.” – Busy Philipps

“In high school I had some famously egregious fashion missteps. I was really out there in fashion, I think because I wanted attention. I would wear crazy patterns, skin-tight pants and giant platform shoes.” – Busy Philipps

“You can be in Ohio and shoot your own web series if you want. If this had been around when I was in high school, I can guarantee you that my friends and I would have been shooting our own television shows and putting them online and trying to get as many hits as possible.” – Busy Philipps

“I actually feel like, for a lot of my career, I wasn’t able to show my comedic range. I did a lot of dramas and dramedies. I was on ‘E.R.’ That’s not generally thought of as a funny show.” – Busy Philipps

“My children make me cry on a daily basis about everything. Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of sadness – all the tears, all the time.” – Busy Philipps

“We have traveled with our kids since they were babies. We’ve had some crazy times, obviously, with the kids. My husband and I both work, and they just really look forward to our vacation and our time to be together to reconnect.” – Busy Philipps

“Don’t get me wrong: I love ‘Moana!’ But when it gets to the point where you find yourself singing Disney songs in your dreams, you have an issue.” – Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps’s Favorite Dress: A Classic That’s Perfect for Any Occasion

Almost every girl has that one dress she loves to death and trusts in any situation. That dress is a flawless fit, a personal style, and a trusted classic. And apparently, celebrities do too!

In June 2016, White Chicks actress Busy Philipps raved about her outfit on her Instagram account.

Busy Philipps displayed an eye-catching ensemble in New York City, wearing a $3,980 Gucci appliquéd printed silk dress from the brand's Spring '16 runwayBusy Philipps displayed an eye-catching ensemble in New York City, wearing a $3,980 Gucci appliquéd printed silk dress from the brand’s Spring ’16 runway

Busy uploaded her outfit of the day to Instagram and captioned it: “Obsessed with this look for my press today!”

We can’t blame her for her apparent obsession with this dress. We’re pretty much smitten with it too.

We love the clashing prints, the successful juxtaposition of colors, and the fit and length of the piece. It’s the kind of feel-good dress you’d want to wear over and over again.

Busy Philipps styled her dress with Nicholas Kirkwood Mary Jane pumps featuring a functional 3.5" acrylic chunky heel, snap button closures, and square toe lines alongside a coveted Mansur Gavriel red mini bucket shoulder bag made from red calf leather in New York City Busy Philipps styled her dress with Nicholas Kirkwood Mary Jane pumps featuring a functional 3.5″ acrylic chunky heel, snap button closures, and square toe lines alongside a coveted Mansur Gavriel red mini bucket shoulder bag made from red calf leather in New York City on June 29, 2016 (Credit: Patricia Schlein / WENN)

She partnered this Gucci dress with a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood Mary Jane pumps and a red shoulder bag. The styling made the actress look like she stepped out of a ‘60s film.

We don’t think the dress is available online, but here are a few alternatives:

Andrea Marques Midi Printed Shirt Dress1. Andrea Marques Midi Printed Shirt Dress, $756.98

MSGM Fantasia Dress2. MSGM Fantasia Dress, $450.21

Daizy Shely Long Tiered Shirt Dress3. Daizy Shely Long Tiered Shirt Dress, $395.65

Valentino Fushion Lace Maxi Dress4. Valentino Fashion Lace Maxi Dress, $6,600.00

What do you think of this dress?

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