1920’s Flapper Dress: Halloween Costume or Legit Vintage Dress?

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So I was looking through eDressMe‘s “Alternative Costumes for Halloween and Beyond” collection. They have the usual cute 60’s mod dresses, disco dresses and even some Lady Gaga-inspired ones, but what made me pause was the flapper dresses. Of course they’re being marketed as “dresses to relive the roaring 20’s”, which made me stop and ask: is that the main purpose of flapper dresses now? Has the flapper dress style become too dated that it’s now only wearable as a Halloween costume?

Take a look at these and tell me what you think:

Flapper Dress with Mask in different colorsFlapper Dress with Mask in different colors, $72.00

Sue Wong Modern Flapper Cocktail DressSue Wong Modern Flapper Cocktail Dress, $518.00

Anna Sui Embellished Mesh DressAnna Sui Embellished Mesh Dress, $997.00

There are more, but they’re just fringe dresses that look more like they’re from the 70’s. The Anna Sui one on the list is actually categorized under “70’s disco dresses”; one look at that straight bodice, full skirt and dropped waistline and you know it’s really more of a flapper dress.

So what’s the 1920’s flapper dress for you – a Halloween costume or a legit dress?

I guess it depends on what you wear with it. But I really would like to see how someone would use a flapper dress as part of their everyday wardrobe.

Check out more of the Alternative Costumes for Halloween and Beyond collection at eDressMe.

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