7 Amazing Ways to Wear a Vintage Dress

On the other side of the fashion world, the opposite of skin-tight bodycon dresses and leg-baring miniskirts, exists an entirely different realm: the world of vintage style. In spring, this style makes itself known with the adorable dresses popping up everywhere.

Vintage dresses are never lacking in charming prints and eye-popping colors. These dresses flatter figures with their cinched waists and voluminous skirts. Today, get a load of the cutest vintage-inspired dresses and the bloggers wearing them. Let’s pick up some style tips along the way!

1. Christina from Trop Rouge


Christina’s ensemble is my definition of perfect. The pink, dotted, ’50s-style dress can’t get any more charming, especially with that scalloped collar. As if that’s not enough, Christina’s detailing is also impeccable — retro sunglasses, flats, and that tousled, effortless hairdo.

2. Bonnie from Flashes of Style


Nothing gets more pinup-y quite like a cute ’50s chambray dress with nautical anchor prints on it. Bonnie has mastered this kind of look, and she continues to don this type of dress. Here, she adds more vintage pieces, such as a pair of round sunglasses, satchel bag, flats, and a straw hat.

3. Lici from 4percent-red


Who wouldn’t stop and stare at this dress that just stuns with its utter gorgeousness? Because the dress is already so stunning, Lici made the right choice of pairing this up with simple flats.

4. Ionela from Miss Green

Miss Green

I feel like I have been transported back to the ’60s with ladies dressing up as cute as this. Ionela’s striped dress even has cherries on it! Whether you are dressing up for a picnic or a movie date, this is the perfect outfit to wear.

5. Victoria from Justice Pirate


Victoria is all decked in spring colors — from her hair to her floral dress. Wear flowers on your hair, too, just like what Victoria did. Cap off the look with easy-to-wear sandals.

6. Isabelle from La Vie C’est Yeye


Polka-dot dresses will never go out of fashion. So, make sure you keep one (or two!) in your wardrobe. Isabelle’s polka-dot dress is one of the most adorable I’ve seen, especially when she paired it with those pink kicks and mint green socks.

7. Jodi from Jodi Pops


Would you believe Jodi’s dress is actually for kids? The way she styled it though, you wouldn’t suspect it. The oxford shoes, the brown bag, and the hat just scream fun without being juvenile.

Now, these bloggers had us looking for equally beautiful vintage-style dresses. We can always rely on ModCloth for that. Here are some dresses you’d want to wear this season:

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b. Emily and Fin Bake Shop Browsing Dress in Grass, $99.99

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