8 Under $88 Lace Dresses to Wear Now and Later

Lace dresses are LOVE. They’re light, easy and breezy pieces to wear in the spring and summer. They keep you cool and fresh in the heat and show just the right amount of skin.

Nevertheless, our love for lace dresses doesn’t fade at all in the fall and winter. Their softness and delicateness makes them great to layer under all those heavy and bulky wools, knits and leathers. Few things are also as sexy as a hint of bare flesh peeking from underneath flimsy lace. When the cold months roll around and everyone’s bundling up, you know that even that small peek is enough to get hearts racing.

In short, we consider lace dresses as year-round pieces that could be worn and appreciated no matter what the thermostat reads.

Check out our 8 lace dress finds below that’ll go far everywhere (except your wallet):

1. LA Boutique ‘Lover’ dress

LA Boutique ‘Lover’ dress, $58.00

2. Free People ‘Medallion’ slip dress

Free People ‘Medallion’ slip dress, $88.00

3. LA Boutique ‘Angelica’ dress

LA Boutique ‘Angelica’ dress, $49.00

4. Reverse stud bustier hi-lo dress

Reverse stud bustier hi-lo dress, $60.00

5. Vintage Boutique ‘Up Front’ dress

Vintage Boutique ‘Up Front’ dress, $78.00

6. LA Boutique lace halter dress

LA Boutique lace halter dress, $69.00

7. LA Boutique ‘Laters Baby’ dress

LA Boutique ‘Laters Baby’ dress, $65.00

8. Reverse stud bustier hi-lo dress

Reverse stud bustier hi-lo dress, $67.00

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