Is Solange Knowles’ Crochet Mini Dress the Perfect Cover-Up or What?

Solange Knowles was seen arriving ahead of her performance for the FOR Festival 2013 last week. If we were scheduled for work at a place as beautiful as this, we’d be arriving days if not weeks ahead ourselves, too.

Making sure not to waste any time to soak up the sun, Solange came already dressed for the occasion and location in a cutout-shoulder crochet dress, a straw hat, cat-eye sunglasses, and trendy tall gladiator sandals. Is Solange Knowles’ crochet dress the perfect cover-up or what? It’s modest enough to travel in, but those shoulder cutouts also make it sexy enough by showing some skin.

Solange Knowles in Hvar Croatia Solange Knowles arriving ahead of her FOR Festival 2013 performance in Hvar, Croatia, on June 21, 2013

More things we love about Solange Knowles’ cover-up dress:

(1) It’s white, which is the color to wear in the summer.
(2) The colorful embroidery on the chest keeps it from being bland.
(2) Because of the lining, it’s a dress you can confidently wear outside of a beach setting, too.

Can this cover-up dress be any more perfect?

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