Hot and On-Sale Peplum Dresses and Tops

Shopbop has a major collection of fabulous clothing, including peplum dresses. This dress trend is currently popular and has a huge celeb following, too. With big names like Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Charlize Theron sporting this style, it didn’t take long for it to be embraced by the public.

We found a great deal of peplum dresses and peplum tops. And apart from being right on trend, these finds are also currently on sale, so you’ll definitely get a great deal for your money!

Check out these fabulous peplum dresses:

Alice + Olivia Geo Crochet Peplum Top3Alice + Olivia Geo Crochet Peplum Top, $316.80 (before: $396)

Alica + Olivia Pleated Peplum Dress3Alice + Olivia Pleated Peplum Dress, $316.80 (before: $396)

Ella Moss Emily Peplum Dress3Ella Moss Emily Peplum Dress, $138.60 (before: $198)

One by Gabby Applegate Peplum Dress3One by Gabby Applegate Peplum Dress, $102.50 (before: $205)

Alice + Olivia Victoria Peplum Dress3Alice + Olivia Victoria Peplum Dress, $99 (before: $330)

The peplum trend can be worn all year round as long as you pair it with the right mix of accessories, shoes, or coats (during the colder months). Because of its wearability, this trend will definitely be around for quite a long time. Some of the items above are already on final sale and there are limited stocks left, so make sure to go and visit Shopbop soon if you want to get your hands on these fab dresses!

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