Kylie Minogue Wears Roberto Cavalli Dress over Pants, Hit or Miss?

Remember the slightly awkward ’90s trend of layering dresses over pants or jeans? We thought that this trend would be shunned today, but it seems that there are still a handful of women who are sporting the style.

Kylie Minogue was spotted leaving her Manhattan hotel wearing a silk chiffon Roberto Cavalli printed dress, which she layered over a pair of silk Cavalli pants.

Kylie Minogue leaving her Manhattan hotel Kylie Minogue leaving her hotel in Manhattan on June 18, 2013

Both dress and pants boast luscious fabric with gorgeous prints. On a high fashion runway, draped on a model’s slim and towering silhouette, this ensemble might have worked. However, this kind of unconventional style does not translate as easily in the real world.

Wear the dress separately if you want to showcase its beauty, but for those who are more daring, maybe you are willing to try out the dress-over-pants look, too?

Roberto Cavalli Printed Silk-Chiffon Dress3 Roberto Cavalli Printed Silk-Chiffon Dress, $1,635 (before: $3,270)


Roberto Cavalli Wide Leg Silk Pants Roberto Cavalli Wide-Leg Silk Pants, €1,180


Credit: TNYF/ Nikolov
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