The French Connection Caramel One-Shoulder Half-n-Half Dress for Days When You Can’t Decide What to Wear

Get this French Connection Caramel one-shoulder dress and your days of distressing over what to wear are over:

French-Connection-one-shoulder-caramel-cotton-tube-dressFrench Connection Caramel one-shoulder dress, $117.60

Can’t choose between two dresses? This dress will let you wear BOTH at the same time!

This dress also gives a whole new meaning to the two-piece look. Instead of a top and a bottom, we get a left and a right.

The model was kind enough to show us both sides of the dress, like Emma Watson with her one-sleeved Balmain dress:

Is she coming?Or is she going?

French Connection recommends that you wear their Caramel dress with sexy heels for a night out, but it’ll work well with a pair of ballet flats too, won’t it?

Too bad wearing half-n-half shoes still isn’t acceptable to wear publicly yet; if it was, then we’d recommend that you wear this dress with a cute sandal on one foot and a high heel on the other! You know, just to keep within the theme.

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