Dresses for a Grown-Up Tea Party

There have been numerous speculations about how and when the tradition of tea parties started. Many believe that Infanta Catherine of Braganza first introduced the concept of drinking tea as a means of socialization in 1662 when she arrived to marry Charles II of England. She invited her closest friends into her bed chambers where they were rumored to gossip about court life.

Nowadays, tea has become quite a popular drink the world over, and you don’t have to be a member of English royalty to enjoy it, too! There are specialty stores that sell teas from all over the world — China, the US, and England — so you and your friends can enjoy the benefits of this anti-oxidant right at home.

If you want to have a tea party worthy of  the Duchess of Cambridge herself, there are numerous websites that can fill you in on the etiquette involving tea parties. Yes, there are certain rules to follow — from the invitation to the setting — but we think it is totally worth it!

Speaking of which, here are some darling dresses from ModCloth that we thought would be worthy of your consideration. You might want to wear one of these on your first tea party.

Have a look!

Nishe Miss Butterfly Dress-tile Nishe Butterfly Miss Dress, $109.99


Trinkets of by Travels Dress-tile Lavand Trinkets of My Travels Dress, $89.99


People Tree Floral in All Dress-tile People Tree Floral in All Dress, $197.99


Life of the Garden-tile Life of the Garden Party Dress, $144.99


Love You Brunches-tile Love You Brunches Dress, $79.99

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