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10 Celebrities Who Embrace Their Imperfections

The next time you feel self-conscious in that figure-hugging dress, remember that it’s perfectly fine to have flaws. Acne, stretch marks, double chins, and not-so-flat tummies are normal for real women, and we all must love our bodies, flaws included. The 10 celebrities below embrace their imperfections and even show them off, making them great role […]

To Tommy from Zooey Collection — Splurge or Pass?

Remember when Zooey Deschanel came out in 500 Days of Summer and everyone practically swooned over her enviable wardrobe in the movie? Her vintage-style ensembles almost steered our attention away from Joseph Gordon-Levitt! It also sparked a massive vintage revival and catapulted the fashion niche to mainstream status. To add fuel to the still-raging fire, […]

Zooey Deschanel Being Her Usual Adorkable Self in a Black & White Kate Spade Dress

Include this in the ever-growing list of celebrities sporting the black and white trend. Zooey Deschanel is the latest belle to have befallen to black and white. The 33-year-old actress was at the 2013 Paleyfest last Monday, where she attended a panel for her show New Girl in this striped black and white dress: Naturally, […]

The 7 Best Golden Globe Awards Dresses 2013

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday? If you did, whose look was the best for you? Whose was the worst? Hollywood’s finest definitely gathered to celebrate the event, and let’s just say we had quite a blast watching all of them work their dapper suits and gorgeous gowns. Red definitely ruled the […]

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