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5 Slip Dress Styles to Select so You Don’t Look Like You’re Wearing a Nightie

Victoria Beckham made the Louis Vuitton fall 2013 lace-trimmed slip dress she wore to the Wimbledon Men’s Final look so stunning, here’s no doubt she sparked the start of yet another trend. Are you ready for the return of the slip dress? This means it’s lingerie-inspired looks all over again! Victoria Beckham at the Wimbledon Tennis […]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Serves Vintage ’40s for Its Broadway Retelling

If you were wondering where the iconic Givenchy black dress was at the Broadway interpretation of Truman Capote’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, then let us tell you now that it was NOT there. In fact, the only black dress we’ll most likely remember from this premiere is the one Emilia Clarke wore at the opening night […]

How to Dress Up When You are Traveling This Spring

Now that spring is upon us, most of you are probably itching to go somewhere and have a much-needed interlude. If you are setting your sights on spring traveling, you better learn a thing or two on how to pack right. I’m sure you’d want to save a bit of space in your luggage for […]

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