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The 8 Best Celebrity Spring Dresses to Wear in 2016

It’s spring, which means it’s time to break out the floral prints and pastel tones. The warmer months mean more color and more volume, and we are definitely not immune to the charms of either trend. We’ve started checking out the celebrities who have already rotated their wardrobes for the season and are sharing their spring dresses […]

Drew Barrymore Is Flower Child Forever in Floral Jumpsuit on Jay Leno

If were were to write down the things that define the ’90s for us, one of the first on our list would be Drew Barrymore. She’s our quintessential thin-eyebrowed, daisy-hairclipped ’90s beauty icon, our forever flower child. Even when she’s wearing an ultramodern fashion trend like a jumpsuit, she still has a way of making […]

How to Wear Checkered Dresses – 5 Styling Do’s and Don’ts

Ever since Louis Vuitton sent models clad in bright and big checkered garments down its Spring/Summer 2013 runway, checkered clothes have been sprouting like mushrooms after a bout of rain. Rita Ora, Nicole Kidman, Pixie Lott, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian are just some of the celebrities who have sported checked dresses. This trend has […]

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