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7 Sparkly Dresses with More Than Just Sequins to Make You Stand Out

Sparkly dresses are our go-to pieces for events where we feel like being the life of the party. They’re easy, no brainer and no fail: anything┬ásparkly, shiny and glittery is sure to catch people’s attention. Sparkly dresses are a guaranteed success but because of that, they also have a tendency to be formulaic. Well, NOT […]

Kourtney Kardashian in Floral Japanese/Victorian Mini Dress

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in an interesting outfit this week. She had on what looked like a Japanese slash Victorian-inspired mini dress that she hyped up with a severe updo and a pair of booties. The piece was boldly printed, had puffed and cuffed long sleeves, and quite a short short hem. Kourtney Kardashian exits […]

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