Bar Refaeli in Pas Pour Toi for GoDaddy Superbowl Commercial

One of the most searched videos last Sunday was this commercial from GoDaddy featuring Bar Refaeli kissing a “nerdy” guy. It was a Superbowl commercial, hence the popularity.

While it clearly wasn’t that effective as an advertisement, it did get everyone’s attention. With Bar looking quite stunning in a pink dress, who wouldn’t want to stop and watch?

bar refaeli in godaddy superbowl commercial

bar refaeli in godaddy superbowl commercial

bar refaeli in godaddy superbowl commercial

But while practically everyone couldn’t stop talking about the kiss, we here at Your Next Dress just couldn’t stop wondering who made her pink dress.

After a quick search, we found out that Bar’s pretty pink frock is from Pas Pour Toi, an up and coming label from Israel. Bar’s dress is called the “Barbara” dress (obviously named after her!):

pas pour toi barbara dressPas Pour Toi ‘Barbara’ Dress, EUR1022

If you compare it to the one she wore in the commercial, you will notice that they shirred the top portion of the dress to accentuate her bust. You can probably do it yourself if you know how to sew. Or you can just have it adjusted by your local seamstress for a small fee.

Waiting time for the Barbara Dress is a good 3 months though, so if you’re in a hurry because you want to wear it to say, a date this coming Valentine’s Day, forget the Barbara and grab any of these pink dresses instead:


SUSANA MONACO RACER MINI DRESSSusana Monaco Racer Mini Dress, $152

Credit: WENN

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